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Hello there, and welcome to the world of Engourdes! Inside of Engourdes, a place of great joy, peace, and prosperity. It's most famous for it's Sutreon Packs; a place where Fox-Dragon hybrids lie.


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Name (Arburous, Mastice, etc..):


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*This world was created by Artrass. Don't claim if you don't own it.

Here are some things you need to know: Edit

*We do not tolerate people who are rude and uncaring. Please be respectful and follow the rules that are given to you. * Edit

Basic Information-

  • The Sutreon Packs include The Sybius Pack, The Monstelius Pack, The Besalius Pack, and The Somtrius Pack.
  • Beware of the Black Blood Pack, they are made of outcasts and blood-thirsty Sutreons.
  • We are to maintain peace with fellow Sutreons.
  • A war is going on between us and the 'Packs' like the Black Blood Pack.


  1. Be Kind and considerate.
  2. Be aware of others around you. If you continue doing something they don't appreciate, stop.
  3. No Power Players. (This means you cannot be Immortal, overpowered, etc). In some cases there can be prophecies, but that's all.
  4. Play Fair.
  5. Treat higher ranks with respect.
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